About the Project 

Project Summary: Spanning 18 acres (more than twice the size of Moore Square), the Plaza & Play aspires to be an inviting and inspiring civic jewel for the City of Raleigh. The design will introduce world-class play spaces, gardens, and gathering spaces while celebrating the site’s history through rehabilitated buildings and cultural landscapes. The Plaza & Play will also relocate the main entrance of Dorothea Dix Park to Lake Wheeler Road in order to improve access for all visitors travelling from the surrounding neighborhoods or Downtown Raleigh by foot, bike, car, scooter, or wheelchair and those using regional transportation networks. Once inside the park, the gently sloping pathways bring visitors of all abilities from the new plaza into the heart of the park. The grand entry plaza will do more than just announce arrival—it will also be an active zone at the park’s edge featuring elements such as a civic water play feature/fountain, swings, concessions, and cookout facilities. Creating an environment with universal appeal, Plaza & Play will provide Raleigh with an engaging meeting point for all those who want to gather with friends for a coffee or a quick bite and an accessible play area without a lengthy hike deep into the park.  

About This Website: This website is the online hub for public engagement activities related to the design process of Dorothea Dix Park’s Plaza & Play. To learn more about design progress for the Plaza and Play area at Dix Park, see www.dixpark.org.

About The Team: To learn more about the design team and creators of this website, please visit The Team tab above.

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