Artist-In-Residence Program for Bus Rapid Transit

Raleigh BRT Rendering

In November of 2016, Wake County voters approved a plan for focused investment in public transit which includes building approximately 20 miles of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lanes.

As the Artist-in-Residence for the project, Dare Coulter will spend the next year working closely with the Wake Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) design team (architects, engineers, planners, city staff) to identify opportunities for public art in the Wake Bus Rapid Transit stations along the BRT corridors. The first phase of this residency will focus in particular on the New Bern Avenue Corridor; however, future placement areas for artwork will be considered for the entire BRT system to create a cohesive vision for the overall corridor.

A major component of the residency is conducting community engagement sessions to gather feedback from the communities near each station, to include the shared history and experiences of the community in the station artworks. Coulter may design specific artworks for inclusion in the stations as well as work with other local artists on material and medium-specific pieces. Additionally, Coulter will also develop renderings, and establish project budgets and timelines.

This public art project is a part of the Wake Bus Rapid Transit Program.

About the Artist

Dare Coulter is an award-winning artist, muralist, and sculptor. Her mission for her artwork is primarily to create positive imagery of black people and families. Her most recent notable work includes a 200ft mural (with Kotis Street Art) in Greensboro honoring oft-unmentioned black cowboys and  a commission of a painting of Nina Simone from the National Trust for Historic Preservation that was used to raise funds to restore Nina Simone's childhood home.

Dare Coulter was born in Augusta, GA. For the last 16 years she has lived in Wake County, NC where the bulk of her public art work has been created.

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Bus Rapid Transit - New Bern Ave Public Art - Survey 1

​ Artist-In-Residence Dare Coulter wants to hear your thought about public artwork on the upcoming Bus Rapid Transit Stations- with special focus on the New Bern Avenue Corridor. If you have...

Bus Rapid Transit - New Bern Ave Public Art - Survey 2

​ Artist-In-Residence Dare Coulter wants to hear your thought about public artwork on the upcoming Bus Rapid Transit Stations- with special focus on the New Bern Avenue Corridor. If you have...

Zoom meetings with the Public Artist
Join artist Dare Coulter on Zoom to share your insight and ideas about public art on the BRT New Bern corridor. You can use the links below to pre-register for a Zoom session of your choice: 
Sep 18, 2020 12:00 PM

About Raleigh Public Art

Mission: To create and integrate diverse artworks into Raleigh's landscape in order to establish a vibrant visual environment that provides public places with civic distinction, as well as fostering meaningful connections between people and place.

History: In 2009, the City of Raleigh adopted ordinances creating the Percent Art Program. The program allocates 1% of funds from capital construction projects for public art. Public art associated with City of Raleigh construction projects is managed by the Raleigh Arts Office. More information about Raleigh Arts can be found at  

The Atlantic Avenue Public Art Project is funded by the 2017 Transportation Bond. Capital Improvement Projects that meet the Percent for Art Ordinance standards, such as this one, are eligible to use 1% of construction funding for Public Art. Inclusion of aesthetics and artwork is an investment in our communities, with a focus toward community identity and equity in quality of life. Communities gain cultural, social, and economic value through public art.

About Transportation

The City of Raleigh's Transportation Department consolidates transportation and related infrastructure. From planning transportation projects, system operation, and infrastructure maintenance, the department works to optimize service delivery and position the City for ongoing growth. Services provided by the department include transportation planning, traffic engineering, transportation field services, parking operations, GoRaleigh transit services, and highway maintenance.