About Raleigh Sidewalks Projects

The City is commented to make Raleigh more walkable. We are installing new sidewalks along many of our streets, making Raleigh a more pedestrian friendly City.

We build two types of sidewalks.   

1.City-initiated Projects which generally focus on fixing gaps along higher volume streets. New sidewalk projects are evaluated and ranked based on a variety of factors, including street classification, existing demand, special population needs, feasibility, and the proximity of places people want to walk to, like parks, schools, and shopping areas.

2.Petition Projects are projects on local residential streets and are initiated by residents. These projects are handled through the Sidewalk Petition Program. Sidewalk petitions projects require signatures from a majority of the property owners along the street.

For a full list of our sidewalk projects visit our Projects page

On this page, you will find public meeting surveys and information from different Sidewalk projects throughout the City.  We typically one public meetings during the design phase of new sidewalks. At these meetings, we explain the designs we are recommending for the project and get public feedback. This page is a repository for Sidewalk Project Public Meeting Surveys.

With each project survey, you will find the accompanying meeting documents. That way even if you were not able to make it to the meeting you can review the design plans and leave your feedback.

We leave Project Feedback Surveys open for ten days after the public meeting. After that time, we will close the survey to public comments and post the results of the survey.

We thank you for your feedback!

Featherstone Drive, Fiesta Way, and Whittier Drive Sidewalk Projects

The City is installing new sidewalk along Featherstone Drive, Fiesta Way and Whittier Drive. Please take a moment to give us your feedback on the proposed sidewalks.