Welcome to the Wakefield Small Area Study Online Open House!

Similar to an in-person open house experience, please know that the amount of information presented may take up to an HOUR to review. This experience will be available through June 30th, 2021.

Please watch the video below for an important welcome message from the City of Raleigh's Planning Staff regarding the Wakefield Small Area Study.

Thank you and enjoy the open house!


When you click "Continue" at the bottom of each page, you will progress to the next tab or station automatically. You cannot skip stations without at least scrolling through the information. Each station has both text to read and graphic exhibits to explore. Feel free to click the individual images to enlarge them on your screen.

Survey questions are also found in each station, so please take time to answer those along the way.

At the final station called "Next Steps", you will see a SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page. If you are happy with all of your survey answers, feel free to click SUBMIT. If you'd like to go back to any of the previous tabs/stations, you may do that as well, but please remember to come back to the final station and CLICK SUBMIT!

You may leave the online open house even if you have not worked through all of the station tabs or submitted your answers. If you rejoin the online open house from the same device, your previous answers will be saved in the portal. 

Click Continue now to move to the first station of the open house!