Purpose and Authority of the CAG

The purpose of the Forestville Road Park CAG is to represent community interests and validate and report design recommendations to Parks, Recreation and Greenway Advisory Board (PRGAB) for review. The proposed Master Plan will be presented to City Council for approval, along with the Board's recommendation.

Note: CAG membership is a volunteer-based position. 


CAG Responsibilities

The key responsibilities of the CAG members are to:

  • Represent and consider the interests of the community
  • Assist with public outreach and communication
  • Review, analyze, prioritize and incorporate public input
  • Provide constructive comments and shape agreements to advance design process
  • Balance interests, resolve conflicts and collaborate in the development of schematic designs


Expectations for the CAG members include:

  • Attending and fully participating in CAG and public meetings
  • Working as team players
  • Respecting and seeking to comprehend the perspectives of others
  • Encouraging free-thinking and focusing on problem solving
  • Communicating with represented community groups and keeping group members informed of project progress
  • Providing at least one means of contact for timely communication, such as email or phone number