Over the past few months, we have heard from the people of Raleigh loud and clear:  The parks, greenways, nature preserves, and facilities that make up Raleigh's park system are not just "nice to have"... they are essential to our quality of life.

The Raleigh Parks Plan is a community-based project that sets a vision for the parks & recreation system of tomorrow. Your input will help us shape our top priorities over the next 3-5 years, as we work to make Raleigh's park system one of the greatest in the country!


Did you know...?

  • Access to parks, trails and green spaces increases physical activity & improves individual health outcomes
  • ​Taking time to engage with nature and pursue creative hobbies promotes mental health & wellbeing
  • ​Parks and community centers strengthen social ties between different groups and can help decrease feelings of loneliness & isolation
  • ​Parks provide important ecosystem services that prevent tree canopy loss, restore wildlife habitat, improve water quality, and contribute to the city's climate resilience strategy


The following pages show three health lenses, which the new plan framework will center: Individual Health, Community Health, & Environmental Health. The team has drafted 3-4 outcomes for each that Raleigh Parks will strive for as we move into the future! Please take the following survey and let us know your support of the proposed outcomes, as well as your ideas on how we can achieve these outcomes. The survey will be online until Monday, May 13, 2024. Thanks!